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PE & Sports Funding

Cleeve Primary has made a strong commitment to PE which is evident in the wide range of out of school activities and involvement in competitive sports.

Cleeve Primary School use of Sports Funding

Cleeve is a member of the Bransholme and District Partnership and as a group we have chosen to work together to secure the effective use of our funding. The funding will enable us to:

Develop Teaching and Learning

One of our partner Secondary Schools (Kingswood Academy) has released the equivalent of one full time member of specialist PE staff to support the programme across the partnership. We will have a PE specialist working alongside our teachers 2 days per fortnight. The member of staff from Kingswood Academy will change depending on the area of physical education being taught.

At Cleeve this will involve:

  • Development of new long and medium term plans.
  • Working alongside staff in the delivery of lessons.
  • Providing support for planning and both formative and summative assessment.
  • Whole school staff development.
  • Inter schools competitions.
  • Opportunities to take part in ‘taster sessions’ in sports not available in a primary school.

Improve Resources

Whilst we currently have a high level of quality resources we will purchase additional resources should they be deemed necessary. We have purchased kit for the teams who represent our school and more equipment for PE lessons. 

Extend Out of School Activities

The funding will also be used to further our current range of activities by inviting accredited coaches into school to lead after school clubs e.g football, rugby, multi-skills, dance and martial arts.

Join the Youth Sports Trust

We are a member of the Youth Sports Trust which we hope will help us to achieve the Gold Quality Mark for Physical Education and Sport.

Intended outcomes at Cleeve

The funding will:

  • Enhance the skills and confidence of staff.
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning in PE.
  • Enhance participation in, and enjoyment of, PE and Sport within and outside the school day.
  • Secure external accreditation for quality of provision in PE.
  • Develop a sustainable model for the future.


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