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Cleeve Primary School


Life only provides one chance to gain a childhood education. The process raises achievement and enhances success in later years. Failure to attend school results in missed opportunities disrupts a child’s education and impacts on his/her long-term attainment and life-chances.

As a result of this, Cleeve Primary School is very proactive in ensuring good attendance. We work closely with parents on matters relating to attendance.

Persistent and unexplained absences are followed-up by the school’s Attendance Officer and also the school’s Education Welfare Officer. Good attendance is encouraged through a comprehensive and effective reward system.

Attendance rewards

At Cleeve we love to reward children for their amazing attendance and therefore we have a number of different initiatives in place.

The attendance league table

Points are rewarded to each class depending on their weekly attendance. The class at the top of the league table each term (one for lower school, one for upper school) receive a special prize. Prizes will include bowling visits, cinema visits, Build a Bear visits, discos, bouncy castles etc…

Watch this space for the ongoing league table results and the end of term winners!

100% attendance draw

All children who receive 100% attendance for each term are entered into a prize draw where 1 child from each year group wins a £10 voucher.

The winners of the Autumn term draw will appear here - 

Reception –

Year 1 –

Year 2 –

Year 3 –

Year 4 –

Year 5 –

Year 6 –

Authorised and unauthorised absences

A polite reminder to parents and carers about the procedures for authorised and unauthorised absences.

  1. Only the Headteacher (and in her absence a Deputy) can authorise an absence. If a child’s overall attendance is unacceptably low (below 90%), or there are noticeable patterns to absences, their absence will be unauthorised.
  2. All term-time absences for holidays will be classed as unauthorised. The Headteacher can use discretion in very extreme cases, but this will be rare.
  3. When attendance is below 90% this may initiate a meeting for the parents with the Education Welfare Officer and a member of the Senior Management Team.
  4. Concerns about attendance will trigger a letter from the school highlighting low attendance and strategies to improve this.
  5. More than 20 unauthorised absences (10 school days) maybe subject to a fine.

Authorised absences

These are absences where there are genuine reasons for a child being off school. In most cases this is for an illness which would mean attending school would make that illness worse or could be passed on to other children.

Unauthorised absences

These are absences where there is no justifiable reason as to why a child is absent. This also includes children who are regularly absent, even if a call is made to the office giving a reason.

If a child has 20 unauthorised absences in a term a letter is sent to parents informing them that they face the possibility of a fine if attendance does not improve. This fine is the same as the one issued for term-time holidays.

Persistent Absences

The concept of persistent absence (PA) as a key measure for school absence was first introduced in the 2005/2006 academic year. Since 2015/16, the threshold for persistent absence is when a pupil’s overall absence is 10% or more of their possible sessions. A pupil’s absences may be authorised, unauthorised or a combination of both. 

The following outlines Cleeve’s approach to supporting and challenging issues regarding persistent absence.

Persistent Absence Policy


Whilst we appreciate that most parents and carers understand the importance of punctuality and do their best to get their children to school in time for the bell, we are currently trying to work with parents and carers who find it difficult to get their children to school on time. Please ensure that your children are at school for 8.50am (doors open at 8.40am).

More information regarding attendance can be found in our attendance policy

Attendance Policy